Marble Buddha statue market runs normal

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The market of famous marble Buddha statue produced from Sakyin village has been operating normally and sculptors have worked regularly, according to Buddha statue trading community from Sakyin village in Madaya township of Mandalay Region. 

“The domestic market has suffered various difficulties due to Covid-19 but their livelihood is running regularly. Everyone in the village has been working their regular work. The Buddha statue sculpting industry has been running normally,” said an official from Shwe Yangon Buddha statue trading.

In previous years, the marble Buddha statue market grew and statues were even exported to China.

Marble Buddha statues produced from the village are being distributed to cities such as Mandalay and Myawady.

Depending on the height of Buddha statues, the price ranges from K50000 to more than K30million.

“Price is getting higher depending on the height. A marble sculpture of a sitting Buddha that is 10-ft high costs about K30million,” he said.

Thit Taw/ZS


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