Matpe demand better in overseas market

4 21122020

Of different kinds of beans produced from Myanmar, matpe demand is better in overseas market at present, according to matpe, green mung bean and sesame traders.

“In the current overseas market, any other crops haven’t reached as much as matpe demand. Green mung bean has also high foreign demand but it is transported through northern Shan State such as Muse, so there poses transportation and communication difficulty. But matpe is directly exported via sea, that is why matpe demand is the best for farmers,” said a beans trader.

The price of matpe peaked at K3.5million in first week of February and despite the price fall, the demand from India is still good. India has planned to buy a lot of tonnes of matpe in this month.

Moreover, pigeon pea is also in demand in India so the price is good.

At present, price of matpe is more than K110,000 a basket while the price of green mung bean is between K78,000 and K80,000 a basket in local market, according to traders.

Thit Taw/ZS



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