Myanmar workers in Thailand can convert CIs with passports at TDCC’s Mahachai branch

Worker in thailand

Myanmar CI (Certificate of Identity) booklet holders working in Thailand can apply for passports (PJ) at the Temporary Data Collection Centre (TDCC) branch office in Mahachai with complete documents, according to the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok.

Moreover, at the request of the factories, a mobile team will visit to the factories where Myanmar CI booklet holders work for data collection, verification and passport issuance.

At the time of data collection by the mobile team at the factory, a person wishing to obtain a passport will be required to produce a personal profile with full details and photo, original CI booklet, copy of CI page with photo, copy of CI page with visa, copy of work permit, original and copy of national scrutiny card, and copy of household registration certificate.

After receiving the passport, they can continue to be listed as MOU workers after communicating with the office of labour attaché under the arrangement of their factory and they can also apply for the renewal of the passport when it expires.

Myanmar workers in Thai factories are informed to provide such details to HR Manager of their respective factory and to cooperate in the preparatory activities.

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