Maungtaw trade post outperforms trade target in Jan 2023

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Fisheries products are seen to be exported to Bangladesh.

The trade value at the Maungtaw border post with neighbouring country Bangladesh surpassed its trade target in January 2023, the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics indicated.
It aimed to achieve a target of US$0.86 million with exports worth $0.8 million and imports valued at $0.06 million through the Maungtaw border.
Agricultural products, fishery products and manufacturing goods are primarily exported to Bangladesh via Maungtaw. Last month, the Maungtaw border checkpoint witnessed exports worth $2.534 million and imports worth $0.003 million. The actual trade value grew 295 per cent of the trade target.
Myanmar shipped areca nuts, ginger, jaggery, coconut, dried chilli pepper, dried jujube, mango, rohu, hilsa, anchovy, dried fish and some finished industrial goods to Bangladesh through the Maungtaw border, while consumer goods and industrial raw materials were brought in the country. —TWA/EM

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