Media spreads fake news saying prisoners on hunger strike at Kyaikmaraw prison

Screenshots validate misinformation and fnaccurate Claims.

The malicious media outlets, DVB and Mizzima, intentionally spread false information, claiming that the prisoners of Kyaikmaraw prison in Mon State staged a hunger strike demanding three facts regarding health issues of political prisoners after two political prisoners were incarcerated for possession of phones.
According to the official of the Prison Department, they conducted a special check on 28 January in prison and found two phones on the shrine. They continued the investigation as no one admitted. All the prisoners told lies, and the owners of the phones were found through proper device intelligence. Two owners were examined under the law and separated them. The electricity went off for a while, and they were not arrested by switching off the light. There was no hunger strike in the prison, and the department arranged it based on the submission of the prisoners. The prison officials serve their duties decisively as per the law and bylaws. Therefore, the news currently spreading is just fake news to affect stability. — MNA/KTZH

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