Medical supplies, equipment imported via air, sea and border routes

The Ministry of Commerce is making continuous efforts to import the anti-COVID-19 equipment including liquid oxygen, oxygen gas, household oxygen concentrators, and medicines via sea, air and border routes on public holidays.
A total of 3,294 oxygen concentrators and 0.5 tonne of masks arrived at the Yangon International Airport yesterday, while 59 tonnes of liquid oxygen on bowsers, 38 tonnes of liquid oxygen cylinders, one tonne of oxygen cylinder, 8,910 empty cylinders, 3,745 home oxygen concentrators, one tonne of glove and 67 tonnes of masks were imported at Muse, Myawady, Chinshwehaw, Kanpaitee and Tamu border trade checkpoints. These materials were transported by 52 vehicles of 30 companies.
A total of 457 tonnes of liquid oxygen on bowsers, 89 tonnes of liquid oxygen cylinders, 63 tonnes of oxygen cylinders, 56,790 empty oxygen containers, six oxygen plants, nine oxygen generators, 45,934 household oxygen concentrators, 141,642 test kits, 280,932 PPE suits, 40 tonnes of gloves and 636 tonnes of masks have been imported so far in August.
In July, a total of 1,294 tonnes of liquid oxygen, 114 tonnes of oxygen cylinder, 40,491 empty oxygen containers, 69,146 household oxygen concentrators, eight oxygen plants, 11 oxygen generators, four oxygen filling machines, 322,878 test kits, 1,104 tonnes of mask and 182,975 PPE suits were imported.
The Ministry of Commerce also released a statement on 8 August that as the border trade camps will offer services for importation processes as usual even during the public holidays from 9 to 15 August, they will allow the imports of anti-COVID-19 equipment in accordance with the SOP while the Department of Trade goes fully online for import and export licence.
The Ministry of Commerce has posted contact persons and department announcements on the Ministry’s website,, to access direct contact with relevant authorities if assistance is needed.—MNA

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