Message sent by State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing on occasion of opening ceremony of 3rd Myanmar Ethnic Cultural Festival 2021 (11 December 2021)

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Esteemed national brethren,
Coming 12 February 2022 is the Diamond Jubilee Union Day of our country. All our ethnic nationals laid the cornerstones for the Union with the common wishes for the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to firmly stand tall in the world till today. As a gesture of the Diamond Jubilee Union Day with full essence, I’d like to pray for all ethnic national people enjoying the opening ceremony of today’s third Myanmar Ethnic Cultural Festival 2021 to have physical and mental wellbeing with auspiciousness.
The third Myanmar Ethnic Cultural Festival aimed at cementing the unity and Union spirit among the ethnic national brethren is held with the purpose of discovering the traditions and fine arts of ethnic nationals, further developing the community-based tourism in the ethnic areas, for enabling the travellers to know domestic products, traditional costumes and traditional foods of the respective ethnicities with a view to improving the socio-economic life of the national races. In this regard, the first festival was organized by Kachin ethnic entrepreneurs association in 2019. The second festival was primarily led by Kayah ethnic entrepreneurs association in 2020. The third festival cannot be held as a ground festival due to the restriction of the COVID-19. As such, the virtual festival was jointly organized by the Ministry of Ethnic Affairs, the Ministry of Information and the Myanmar Ethnic Entrepreneurs Association at the Myanma Radio and Television with the cultural entertainments of the ethnic national races.
The State emphasizes peace and unity for the ethnics and strengthening of the genuine Union spirit for long term existence and harmonious development that all the national brethren can enjoy in an equal term. Section 22 of the Constitution (2008) mentions that the Union shall assist to develop languages, literature, fine arts and culture of the national races and promote solidarity, mutual amity and respect and mutual assistance among the National races. In adopting the five-point road map of the State Administration Council and nine objectives, The State has adopted the points in the social objectives such as to ensure a strong and dynamic Union spirit, the genuine spirit of patriotism and to respect and promote the customs and traditions of all national peoples and preserve and safeguard their cultural heritage and national characteristics.
It is necessary to cement the genuine, disciplined multiparty democracy in the country. As such, all will pay mutual respect and recognition to the diversities for the firm implementation of the Union based on democracy and federalism. Realization of the democracy needs to be based on Our Three Main National Causes—non-disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration of national unity and perpetuation of sovereignty. Hence, it is necessary to further strive for building the firm and united strength of the ethnic national brethren.
In hailing the Diamond Jubilee Union Day which will come soon, the government will beef up the work procedures for ensuring the strong and dynamic Union spirit and the peace process. To be further strong and dynamic Union spirit, the government will implement three steps on the adoption of future tasks, formation of tasks forces formed with ethnic nationals and implementation of the work process. To do so, recommendations and suggestions, dissemination of information and educative works will be sought from the groups to be related to the ethnic national people.
In enhancing the peace process, efforts will be made for the creation of chances for respective ethnic nationals and stakeholders to participate in the peace process, negotiation and promotion tasks, directly holding the dialogues with peace negotiation committees at different levels and EAOs, building further strengthening of peace with NCA signatories, minimizing the attacks and seeking the bilateral agreements for non-NCA signatories to sign the NCA.
I always talk about the usage at the dialogues and ceremonies related to peace. It is just “desire”. If one desires to restore peace, one must have the genuine desire to restore peace. Likewise, if one desires to develop the nation with prosperity, one must have the desire and endeavours for the development and prosperity of the country. If we make collaborative efforts in unison, no impossibility happens in our country and our nation. It was shown as significant evidence of how we overcame the challenges of the third wave of COVID-19. In the infection climax of COVID-19 in the third wave in July, some 40 per cent of the infection rate hit the country. Thanks to concerted efforts of the government, the people and all organizations, the infection rate of the pandemic plunged into just two per cent within three-four months period. It was a fruitful result based on unity, discipline and keen desire. We have to sustain good efforts and morals. Furthermore, we must march towards the Union, a modern developed nation, based on genuine disciplined multiparty democracy, democracy and federalism.
The country primarily requires the improvement of the peace process and the development of the ethnic areas in multiple sectors. The State Administration Council gives a helping hand to all ethnic national areas for the economic development of the State. Encouragement is being given to restructuring the economy which dipped in the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’d like to urge any businesspersons to cooperate with the government for the development of the State. Development tasks of the country cannot be undertaken through single strength and sole organization. It needs the collective strength of all ethnic national people.

Esteemed national brethren,
In conclusion, I’d like to say that the multiple developments of the State and the ethnic nationals must be shaped through the unity of all ethnic nationals. Hence,
(1) all ethnic national races and stakeholders are requested to participate in the enhancement of the work processes of ensuring a strong and dynamic Union spirit,
(2) all ethnic national races are requested to take part in further strengthening the genuine, disciplined multiparty democracy, and the emergence of the Union based on democracy and federalism democracy the country requires,
(3) all ethnic national races are requested to join the tasks for building a prosperous country and food sufficiency.
(4) Let’s sustain the national culture and national characteristics by mutually recognizing and adhering to the diversities of ethnic nationals.
May all national people be physical and mental well-being. Thank you all.

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