Misinformation: One civilian killed, five injured in MraukU police firing

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Fake news was circulated by a malicious media named DVB that a house in Shwegutaung village had exploded, leaving one woman dead and five wounded, as the police battalion in MraukU fired heavy weapons on the night of 1 January.
Regarding the news, a security official from the relevant area said that AA armed insurgents fired heavy weapons from a distance, an explosion occurred in Shwegutaung village and there were injuries on 1 January. A shell fired by terrorists exploded inside Tayok village, Hsenwi, northern Shan State, wounding three civilians on 1 January.
To cover up their actions and misrepresent the security forces, terrorists attacked the security forces by sneaking into people’s houses and burning them down and malicious media outlets have created false information through social networking sites. — MNA/KZL

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