Misinformation: Tatmadaw airstrike causes casualties, injuries, damage to religious building in Dimawhso, Hsihseng townships

The malicious media, DVB, has spread false information on social media that some children were killed and wounded in Tatmadaw airstrike in Dimawhso Township on 5 February.
The regional security official claimed that Tatmadaw did not fly over Dimawhso township.
Similarly, Khit Thit media spread misinformation, claiming that the artillery shells and airstrike of Tatmadaw destroyed some buildings of Zawanarama Buddhist learning Centre in Hsihseng Township on 2 February.
According to the regional security official, the insurgents launched attacks on security posts using heavy weapons, drones and drop bombs, and they exploded in Zawanarama Buddhist Learning Centre.
The malicious media outlets intentionally spread fake news and disinformation to devastate the State. Therefore, the true news is published on State-run media agencies and newspaper in a timely manner. — MNA/KTZH

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