Misleading reports circulate regarding security operation in Kanthit Village in Pakkoku Township

p4 fake news
The screenshot validates misinformation.

Reports from certain media sources are spreading false information alleging that Tatmadaw security forces conducted a raid on Kanthit Village in Pakokku Township, Magway Region, on 8 May. They claim that two villagers were killed, 20 were arrested, and 13 houses were set on fire.
However, an accurate account reveals that a dutiful civilian informed the security forces about the presence of PDF terrorists moving in the vicinity of Kanthit Village, intending to carry out acts of terrorism. Consequently, on 8 May, security forces undertook counter-terrorism measures in the vicinity of the village. During this operation, they discovered a temporary camp used by the terrorists, engaged in a firefight, and cleared the area. As the terrorists retreated, they set fire to houses in the village.
The report states that the security forces seized two terrorist bodies, five handmade guns, and related explosive devices.
It is apparent that certain media outlets are deliberately spreading false information to tarnish the reputation of Tatmadaw’s security forces and to conceal the terrorist activities perpetrated by the insurgents. — MNA/TMT

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