MoC facilitates import of COVID-19 devices to be delivered without delay on public holidays

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Imported oxygen cylinders via the Chinshwehaw land border.

With the current rise in the third wave of COVID-19 outbreaks across the country, the urgent need for oxygen, medicines and related items for disease prevention, control and treatment are also on the rise. The Ministry of Commerce is coordinating with relevant ministries for easy and fast importation without delay from international airports, seaports and border trade posts.
The import of medical supplies, COVID-19 devices and Covid-related equipment, which are urgently needed by the people, have not stopped even on public holidays. Yesterday, 72 tonnes of liquid oxygen, 4 oxygen generators, 3,978 oxygen concentrators, 20,000 test kits and 55 tonnes of masks were imported. From 12 to 20 July, 441 tonnes of liquid oxygen, 62 tonnes of oxygen cylinders, 15,561 oxygen concentrators, 134,500 test kits and 420 tonnes of masks were imported.
It has been announced that private companies should mention the name of the contact person, company name and the phone number in China in the application form for the materials and medical supplies to be delivered quickly from the Muse border, and in case of inquiries, responsible contact persons can be found on the Ministry of Commerce’s Website – MNA

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