Moeyungyi Sanctuary hosts 30,000+ wintering birds, 123 species

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Some hibernating birds are seen at Moeyungyi Wetland Wildlife Sanctuary in Bago Region.

More than 30,000 birds and 123 species of wintering birds from the Central Asian Flyway and the East Asia- Australasian Flyway have arrived in Moeyungyi Wetland Wildlife Sanctuary in Bago Region, according to Daw Thin Thin Yu, staff officer of Moeyungyi Wildlife Park.
Bird species from the North Pole of the world enter their wintering pastures in different countries from nine routes, and the wintering birds from the Central Asian Flyway and East Asia- Asia-Australasian Flyway usually enter Myanmar in mid-October before retreating to the North Pole in early April.
“Moeyungyi Sanctuary and its surrounding wetlands are frequented by wintering birds every year as they migrate from two major global flyways. Myanmar offers abundant feed and water resources, providing ample grazing grounds for these birds, which is why they consistently return to hibernate here. During winter, the northern regions of the world freeze over, and daylight hours shorten, resulting in scarcity of food and water. Thus, they seek refuge in countries with plentiful resources. Our department ensures the preservation of these birds to sustain their population over time. As per the list compiled in February of this year, there are 123 bird species, with more than 34,000 individuals living and grazing. Among the bird species frequently observed in Myanmar, Asian Openbill, Anatidae, water chicken, Andaman Teal, and black-winged stilt birds have entered the Moeyungyi Sanctuary early this winter,” said Daw Thin Thin Yu.
According to the list collected last February, there are 53 species of water birds and 70 species of indigenous birds, totalling 123 species, with 16,600 hibernating birds and 18,000 endemic birds, making a total of 34,600 birds.
Wintering birds migrate into Myanmar through Siberia, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Russia, China, and 13 other countries along the East Asia-Asia-Australasian Flyway, while a total of 307 bird species are also entering Southeast Asian countries via the Central Asian Flyway, traversing through 30 countries.
Moeyungyi Sanctuary covers an area of 25,600 acres and was established as the Moeyungyi Nature Reserve in 1988 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Birdwatching enthusiasts and researchers can observe the highest number of wintering birds from November to February at Moeyungyi Sanctuary. Located six furlongs away from Pyinpongyi village, along the Yangon-Mandalay Highway, it is situated 42 miles from Bago City. — ASH/TH

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