MoH announces new food safety mechanism for ready-made food


The Ministry of Health declared a food safety mechanism in which ready-to-eat food can be registered on Food Product Notification, and a food product code can be created from 9 May 2024.
That food product code will help the consumer conduct self-inspection on food and make their choice safely by providing labels containing a list of ingredients and package display.
It will also help the food manufacturers improve their brand reputation, build loyalty, increase customer confidence in their products and explore foreign markets. The code will also make traceability easier for food hazards and health risks.
In applying for registration on Food Product Notification, ingredients of the food, brand logo, net weight and packaging type, manufacturing business and countries, address and contact information and recommendation or approval of related institutions must be uploaded in PDF file format on the FDA website, together with the brand logo. The registration fee for e-submission is K10,000 (e-payment).
It is necessary to get food product codes for product expansion. Awareness campaigns for the Food Product Notification system will be conducted, and afterwards, mandatory labelling orders for on-the-go food will be exercised. — TWA/KK

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