MoHS’s director of public health department Dr Htar Htar Lin, director-general Dr Soe Oo (retired) sentenced to prison under Anti-Corruption Law


The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) set up an investigation team regarding the complaint of the director of the Department of Public Health, Ministry of Health, Dr Htar Htar Lin and her associates’ engagement in corruption.
According to the investigation team, the State lost K161.198 million due to non-compliance of Dr Htar Htar Lin with the directive while working as a project manager on the GAVI HSS2 grant (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization-Health System Strengthening 2). Dr Soe Oo, who was responsible for the management of the GAVI HSS2 grant, failed to oversee the activities of Dr Htar Htar Lin, who caused the loss of State funds.
A case was filed against them under the Anti-Corruption Law on 15 December 2021. They were found guilty of the above cases. So the Mandalay Region High Court yesterday sentenced Dr Htar Htar Lin to three years in prison with labour under Section 56 of the Anti-Corruption Law and Dr Soe Oo to two years in jail with labour under Section 56/63 of the Anti-Corruption Law. — MNA

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