Illegal timbers, consumer goods, medicines, vehicles seized

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Supervised by the Anti-illegal Trade Steering Committee, action is being taken under the law.
On 19 April, inspection teams led by the Department of Customs in Lashio conducted inspections and seized a vehicle with undocumented consumer goods, food, and cosmetics (estimated value of K21,900,000) under the Customs Law.
Inspection teams led by the Department of Forest in the Bago Region seized 24.8852 tonnes of illegal timbers (estimated value of K3,725,460) yesterday during the inspections of forest reserves in Toungoo District and Thayawady District. The action was taken under the Forest Law.
In addition, the inspection team on duty at the Kawkareik (Tadakyoe) joint checkpoint in Kayin State seized a vehicle with illegal medicines and juices (estimated value of K152,383,000) under the Customs Law. Therefore, seven arrests (estimated value of K178,008,460) were made on 19 and 20 April, the Anti-illegal Trade Steering Committee stated. — MNA

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