MoI Deputy Minister addresses measures against artwork plagiarism, Myanmar Film Academy Award event

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The third coordination meeting of the Association of Anti-Illegal Plagiarism of Artworks took place at the meeting hall of the Motion Pictures Promotion Branch of the IPRD in Yangon yesterday.
At the event, Deputy Minister for Information U Ye Tint said the preventive measures against illegal broadcasting of Myanmar movies through online platforms are successful to a certain extent. The ministry also scrutinizes the movies per the censorship policies and organized associations to combat illegal plagiarism effectively.
Moreover, the officials and artwork creators should cooperate in fighting against illegal recording in cinemas. The deputy minister also stressed the need to conduct educating programmes regarding illegal recording in cinemas for the public and appreciated the efforts of relevant officials in combatting illegal plagiarism.
At noon, the Deputy minister presided over the first meeting of the Working Committee on Organizing Myanmar Motion Pictures Academy Award Event at the same venue.
At the meeting, the deputy minister, also the Working Committee chairman, urged the participants to raise the perfect presentations, including entertaining programmes, event preparations and ongoing work plans.
He then made instructions after hearing the reports of the officials from relevant organizations. — MNA/KTZH

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