Money scams for sending seasonal workers to ROK

According to the interviews, there were money scams for sending seasonal workers to the Republic of Korea.

These scams were advertised on social media.

“I paid to go to Korea. But, there was no response. It was only when I warned to sue if no refund was made that I got my money back,” said a 25-year-old man.
Some lost contact with the scammers after paying a certain amount of money via online.

“Some met online. Some went to see them in person. After paying money, there is no more communication. Some even transferred money online in advance. We want people to believe only in what the legal persons officially say,” said another young man.

Comments on social media by those who had been cheated regarding seasonal workers said, “Don’t be fooled by brokers’ scams. As for me, I had to ask for very hard to get my money back because I couldn’t go. Those who have paid should just demand your money back” and “when I told them I wasn’t going, they replied that I would lose what I had paid.”

No official announcement has been made for recruiting seasonal workers by the Republic of Korea.

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