Monsoon paddy cultivated with irrigation water from Mezali Diversion Weir in Pwintbyu Township

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Farmers are ploughing farmlands before cultivation of paddy.

Local farmers in Pwintbyu Township, Magway Region, are trying to meet the target of monsoon paddy with irrigation water from the Mezali diversion weir, according to the township head of the Department of Agriculture.
Of 25 townships in Magway Region, Pwintbyu Township is one of the townships that have the highest annual paddy cultivation, and local farmers are mainly engaged in agriculture in all seasons by using the irrigation facilities from the Mezali diversion weir. The Township Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department supplies irrigation water from the weir through two canals to avoid water shortage of crops. Local farmers, this year too, are working hard to meet the target acreage of monsoon crops with the use of machines and labour, as well as the township Agriculture Department is providing agricultural techniques and inputs needed to increase crop yields, and conducting awareness-raising on pest control measures under the close supervision.
In the 2021-2022 monsoon crop planting season, a total of 68,783 acres of monsoon paddy, 900 acres of corn, 166 acres of maize, 5,905 acres of various peas, 429 acres of peanut, 2,448 acres of sesame seeds, 158 acres of sunflower, 1,458 cotton, eight acres of sugarcane, 222 acres of toddy palm, 52 acres of betel leaf, 564 acres of pepper, 170 acres of coconut plants, 1,020 acres of banana, 1,343 acres of fruit trees, 1,310 acres of vegetables, 257 acres of herbal material, 4,381 acres of animal feeds, 823 acres of horticulture, 590 acres of other vegetables, totally 90,978 acres of monsoon crop acres will be planted in Pwintbyu Township, according to the township Department of Agriculture.—Ye Win Naing (NyaungU)/GNLM

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