K15.2 mln donated to assist 38 kidney dialysis patients

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Pyinmana Sangha Hospital and patients who have received medical treatment.

With the contribution of donors, Pyinmana Sangha Hospital provided more than K15.2 million for 38 patients who need financial aid to undergo kidney dialysis in March 2024, said medical superintendent Dr Than Min Htut.
The hospital’s renal department provided kidney dialysis 577 times to 92 patients in February. Of them, 38 patients who have financial difficulty have tried to continue providing free dialysis with the help of donors, Dr Than Min Htut said on his Facebook page.
“Significantly, we could provide free dialysis for patients with K5 million donated by a gold and diamond jewellery shop in Pyinmana,” he said.

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Pyinmana Sangha Hospital and patients who have received medical treatment.

Depending on stages of the disease, kidney patients need to have dialysis; some need eight times a month, and some need six times a month, each time costing K55,000 for medicines only; the monthly cost is K330,000 for a patient who needs six times and K440,000 for a patient who needs eight times, he said.
“If dialysis is stopped as they don’t have money, patients can’t urinate and very hard to breathe, and finally, they arrive again at the hospital. Each dialysis costs K55,000, but when it takes longer, they begin to struggle financially. It happens to all kidney patients. That is why I always encourage my donors to donate kidney patients when they ask what donation they should do,” he said.
For kidney dialysis machine maintenance, K1 million was donated by the family of deceased singer U Min Naung and his wife, singer Daw Yi Lay, and other donors are listed too.
Pyinmana Sangha Hospital provided medical treatment to 5877 monks, 937 nuns and 500 poor lay people, totalling 7,314 patients in the entire year of 2023. From January to March 2024, a total of 1,870 patients, including 1,554 monks, 197 nuns and 119 poor lay people, received medical treatment at the hospital.
In 2023, free medical treatment worth K299.4 million was provided to a total of 7314 patients and over three months from January to March 2024, free medical treatment worth more than K90.9 million was provided to 1870 patients.
These included patients undergoing surgery, cancer patients and stroke patients included.
Besides, the hospital also provides door-to-door healthcare services for old monks. — MT/ZS/ED

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