More travellers enchanted to view Bagan’s beauty from balloon ride

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Hot-air balloons flying over Bagan cultural region by carrying travellers to enjoy panoramic scenes of Bagan. Photo : Kanu

Local and foreign visitors flock to the 16 square miles wide Bagan ancient cultural zone this early period of the year and enjoy overlooking impressive views of Bagan pagodas together with the picturesque sunrise and sunset by riding hot-air balloons.
Bagan hosted regular visitors in December 2022 and the businesses of hotels, motels and residents were operated properly. It is prohibited to climb on the pagodas so as to preserve strength of pagodas, and people have to watch natural beauty from two designated viewpoints. Moreover, the hot-air balloon ride becomes a popular tourist activity in early January.
“Unlike the previous years, Bagan hosts a large number of visitors for its unusual sunrise beauty in the winter. People can enjoy the sunrise and sunset from two exclusive mounds and so they have to make bookings for these spots as there are big numbers of visitors this year. Those wishing to enjoy pleasant feelings by looking at the beauty of Bagan ride hot-air balloons. The balloon capacity is 16 persons and we prepare two balloons in the morning session daily. It costs between K300,000 and K420,000 per person and price changes depending on the remaining seats. The arrival of international travellers is larger than the previous year and they ride balloons. This early period of the year can be said a winter that attracts travellers. The higher number of visitors arrive, the better it is for residents,” said in-charge U Win Zaw Oo of Bagan region BOB hot-air Balloon Company.
The hot-air balloon riding service to view the Bagan region by foreign pilots was launched in 1999 and only one company operated such services. Currently, four companies offer services to domestic and foreign travellers. The ballooning service was suspended for two years due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and it resumed this open season starting 7 October 2022 and will run up to 10 April 2023.
There are over 3,800 pagodas and temples and about 20 eminent pagodas in the Bagan ancient cultural zone. It hosts tourists from Russia, China, Germany, France, the US, Japan, Korea and Thailand as well as local travellers this early year. The beauty of Bagan can offer a peaceful and pleasant feeling to visitors with its unique beauty during such a cool season. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/KTZH

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