MSME products showroom launches to promote local entrepreneurs and boost economy

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Union Minister for Industry Dr Charlie Than and party view round MSME products at newly opened showroom yesterday.

The opening ceremony for the showroom of MSME products on the e-market platform was held yesterday at the MSME Development Centre in Yangon Region. The showroom aims to foster the development of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), expand markets for MSME products, and align with the evolving digital system.
The event was attended by Vice-Chairman of the MSME Development Working Committee, Union Minister for Industry Dr Charlie Than, Patron of the Yangon Region MSME Development Agency Chief Minister of Yangon Region U Soe Thein, officials from the Yangon Region government, and other relevant personnel.
Union Minister Dr Charlie Than stated, “Visitors can view products made with raw materials from respective states and regions in one place. It is designed to be a hub for connecting market networks to promote the country’s economy.”
According to the report, MSME entrepreneurs from states and regions participate in the showroom by showcasing their products. Those interested in selling or distributing these products won’t need to travel to various states and regions. This centralised approach saves time, money, and other opportunity costs since products can be purchased at the centre with the same prices and quality as in the main shops. Foreigners can also observe local products conveniently at the showroom.
The MSME products showroom features 906 products manufactured by 171 MSME entrepreneurs. Following the showroom event, the Union Minister visited a pharmaceutical factory in Insein Township, Yangon. During the visit, he observed the manufacturing processes of tablets, capsules, and caplets and emphasized the importance of continuous manufacturing processes without machine breakdowns. He called for the presence of spare machines and equipment to substitute in case of breakdowns. — MNA/ TMT

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