Misinformation: Alleged Tatmadaw arson, violence in Yayphyukan village, Bago Region

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It has been discovered that malicious news media outlets are circulating misinformation about Tatmadaw, falsely claiming that Tatmadaw burned twenty houses and attacked local people with heavy weapons in Taungkhamauk village, Thitpok village-tract, Paungde Township, Bago Region, without provocation.
Regarding this news, officials in the relevant area have clarified that there were no active security forces present at that specific time, and the PDF terrorists were responsible for burning the houses and subsequently fleeing. Similarly, the malicious Khit Thit Media is spreading false information, as usual, wrongly stating that Tatmadaw attacked a funeral house with heavy weapons, resulting in the death of eight individuals and injuring twelve people from Yayphyukan village, Nyaunglebin Township, Bago Region.
In response to this news, an official from the area explained that armed insurgents and PDF terrorists attacked the village using drones, causing fatalities and damage to residents.
Reports indicate that armed insurgents and PDF terrorists are killing local people, burning and destroying houses, and coercively extorting money from citizens through fear.
However, malicious news media outlets are intentionally spreading misinformation about Tatmadaw, aiming to create misunderstanding between Tatmadaw and the people while concealing the violent actions of terrorists. — MNA/TRKM

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