Myanmar bamboo handicrafts attract attention from Japan and foreign tourists

Myanmar bamboo handicrafts 1

Myanmar bamboo handicrafts receive enthusiastic buyers from Japan and also attract foreigners visiting the country, said Myanmar Bamboo Society’s founder U Kyaw Win.
In addition to Japan, bamboo products receive attention from overseas market, plus there is also local demand, that is why sellers have earned well.

Myanmar bamboo handicrafts

“There is a woman who orders bamboo handicrafts, conducts training and produces more than 100 products for resale. She can sell about K50 million a month. She has orders from Japan. And bamboo handicrafts can also attract foreigners visiting Myanmar. Bamboo handicrafts have both local and foreign demand,” he said.
He said Myanmar-made bamboo handicrafts had previously received orders from foreign countries.
“When I conducted training previously, I received an order for about 300,000 bamboo mugs a month after making 10,000 samples. And the next offer was for millions of bamboo pieces in 1 metre length as well as for hundreds of tonnes of bamboo charcoal. But our business has just started so it is inconvenient for mass production,” he said.
Despite receiving many offers, the business still faces labour shortage for production. “In local market, the demand is not bad and the price is not bad either. But there are just a few skilled workers so we can’t produce enough. The productivity is still low. People pay high price if the quality is good,” said U Kyaw Win.
The price of Myanmar bamboo handicrafts ranges from hundreds of kyat to hundreds of thousands of kyat. — MT/ZS/ED

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