Myanmar citizens allowed entry to Japan without quarantine

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Check-in counters at Narita International Airport in Japan.

The Myanmar Embassy in Japan has announced that Myanmar citizens who will be visiting Japan from 1 June will not need to stay a quarantine.
The “New Border Measures-28” was notified by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Myanmar Embassy in Japan in Tokyo on 23 May regarding the deregulation of Japanese immigration.
According to the New Border Measures-28 of the notice, countries and regions are to be divided into three colours, and the regulation will take effect starting from 1 June.
According to a statement from the Myanmar Embassy, ​​people from Myanmar to Japan do not need to enter the Quarantine because Myanmar is part of the Blue Group in the New Border Measures 28.
According to the Japanese government, visitors from countries designated as the Blue Group do not need to submit a Quarantine stay, On-Arrival test and Japanese government-recognized immunization certificate, but will only need a pre-departure test.
In addition, visitors from countries designated as the Yellow Group must have a pre-departure test, whether or not they have a Japanese government-recognized immunization certificate.
Those who have a vaccinated certificate do not need to do so and those who do not have a vaccination certificate are required to take an On-Arrival test and stay at home for three days of quarantine.
Similarly, red groups are required to undergo a pre-departure test and on-arrival test, whether or not they have a Japanese government-recognized immunization certificate, and are required to spend three days in a quarantine area under a Japanese government-monitored facility. —TWA/GNLM

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