Myanmar expats in 4 European countries face 2% income tax requirement

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The Embassy of Myanmar in London.

Migrant workers in the UK are exempt from income tax if they can show a P60 statement.
Myanmar expatriates in Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and the UK are subject to a two per cent income tax, the Myanmar Embassy in London notified on 10 January 2024.
Myanmar nationals are required to pay income tax on their total salary starting from 1 October 2023.
The Ministry of Planning and Finance issued the rules and instructions regarding income tax levy as per Notification 79/2023 dated 22 November 2023.
According to the Double Taxation Agreement, Myanmar expats in the UK are granted exemption if they can present a P60 statement, the Myanmar Embassy stated. Those white-collar workers must pay two per cent of their monthly salary if they cannot show the P60 or their earnings are less than the taxable income.
The Myanmar expatriates in Sweden, Denmark, and Ireland must also pay two per cent of the set tax rates depending on the income bracket, according to the Ministry of Planning and Finance’s Notification 165/2023 dated 3 November.
Additionally, a tax receipt is obligatory for Myanmar nationals working overseas to proceed to ordinary passport renewal and consular procedures, including applying for a Certificate of Identity for lost or damaged passports.
The Myanmar Embassy will issue taxpayers a tax payment certificate bearing a QR code. They can pay income tax quarterly or biannually as they like. For ordinary passport renewal, income tax must be paid when renewal is allowed. — TWA/EM

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