Myanmar exporters advised to assess market conditions for China trade

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Quality watermelons seen in the market.

Khwanyo Fruit Depot recommends Myanmar exporters closely monitor supply and demand dynamics and market conditions before exporting to China.
The fruit depot cautions against overly optimistic expectations, citing potential losses based on market conditions. It emphasizes the need for a balanced approach to avoid missed trade opportunities and migration for jobs. The changing consumer behaviour in China post-COVID influences demand, impacting stakeholders in the supply chain.
Additionally, Myanmar faces competition with Laos in watermelon exports to China, posing challenges for market share retention due to high freight charges.
The current delivery routes for watermelon and muskmelons through Lweje and Mongla roads face road damage issues, affecting profits as discarded produce increases.
The watermelon export market, primarily to China, confronts persistent challenges amid China’s policy changes.
In early February, stringent Chinese Customs inspections restricted truck transport, causing long queues on the Myanmar side. The impact of COVID-19 restrictions in 2021 and delays in Chinese Customs regulations harmed the quality of Myanmar’s watermelon exports to China.
Traders are urged to consider delivery time, pricing, and profitability while exploring new markets beyond China for this perishable fruit. — NN/EM

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