Myanmar participates in COMMIT Regional Task Force meeting

The Myanmar delegation led by Commander of the Anti-Trafficking Police Force of the Myanmar Police Force Police Brig-Gen Myint Htoo joined the online Coordinated Mekong Ministerial Initiative against Trafficking Regional Task Force (COMMIT RTF) meeting hosted by Thailand yesterday.
During the meeting, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security of Thailand made an opening speech.
Then, Police Brig-Gen Myint Htoo clarified the impacts and experiences on the issues of new forms of human trafficking that emerged two years ago and the implementation of SPA IV in the Mekong Sub-region, expressing the main reasons for human trafficking cases such as lack of jobs, knowledge and information about job opportunities and also for poverty, credulity, different laws, high demand of illegal workers and weakness in controlling illegal border passing.
He continued that most of the trafficking cases in Myanmar are forced marriage, forced prostitution, forced labour, debt-based coercion, forced adoption, illegal surrogacy, selling of children and sexual exploitation. There are also cases of gathering victims online. Three countries at least are involved in these cases. Therefore, the COMMIT member countries should conduct protection against these cases to guarantee the tranquillity, security and dignity of the countries.
Then, the COMMIT countries discussed the new human-trafficking methods that emerged two years ago, positive lessons while implementing the SPA IV, the progress in the Transnational Referral Mechanism-TRM and the drafting of SPA V.
The meeting was also joined by representatives from COMMIT countries – Cambodia, China, Laos, Thailand and Viet Nam – and COMMIT’s Secretariat. – MNA/KTZH

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