Uplift the noble integrity of nurses in healthcare for patients

Nursing service is crucial in providing basic healthcare services for people in the health sector. Hence, it needs to recognize the endeavours of health staff loyal to the State at a time when the country urgently requires human resources for health.
Currently, the government is fulfilling the requirements of human resources for the public health sector. In this regard, a total of 53 training schools including two universities of nursing, 27 nursing training schools, 23 midwifery training schools and three related training schools under the Department of Human Resources for Health of the Ministry of Health are producing human resources for health while giving training to 3,652 trainees at present.
A total of 521 female trainees are attending the first-year multiple midwifery diploma courses at the midwifery training schools whereas some 500 students are pursuing the Bachelor of Science (Nursing) at the University of Nursing (Mandalay). At the same time, the University of Nursing (Yangon) admits 517 female and male students for the BSc (Nursing) course with more plans to admit 4,045 female and male trainees for the first-year nursing-midwifery diploma course in 2023.
The Ministry of Health appointed 157 nursing-midwifery diploma holders as fresher nurses in 2022 in addition to 843 trainees from the three-year nursing-midwifery diploma course and 42 BSc (Nursing) degree holders assigned as fresher nurses.
Surely, training schools will turn out 1,846 trainees in the nursing-midwifery three-year diploma course, 37 trainees in the bachelor of nursing regular course and 177 trainees in the multiple midwifery diploma two-year course, totalling 2,060. Hence, the Ministry of Health arranges a plan to recruit them as fresher nurses and midwives.
As a reward plan, the government allowed allowances for nurses discharging duties at hospitals under the Medical Services Department and amended outfit and daily allowances for nurses in line with their daily expenses. Moreover, the government raised salaries for matrons as part of the chances for promoted ranks. To modernize nursing knowledge, nurses are arranged to be sent abroad for further studies in nursing science.
Health staff members need to be loyal to the State for providing healthcare services to people as the government put a large amount of investment into turning out skilled human resources for health. Those health staff including nurses and doctors should not abandon patients in any situation, and they have to follow nursing ethics for their professions. They all should preserve fine traditions of warm healthcare services for people to uplift their noble integrity.

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