Myanmar pockets $9.7 mln in rice exports in second week of September

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The picture shows loading and unloading containers from ships docked at Yangon Industrial Port.

Myanmar generated an income of US$9.7 million in 25,550 tonnes of rice and broken exports to international trade partners through seaborne and cross-border trade in the second week of August 2022, the statistics released by the Ministry of Commerce indicated.
Myanmar shipped over 12,260 tonnes of rice worth $4.978 million by sea between 10 and 16 September, with 9,040 tonnes of rice to Romania, over 620 to Poland, 250 to Belgium, over 120 to the Czech Republic, 1,040 tonnes to China, over 120 to Hong Kong SAR and 1,040 to the Philippines through seaborne trade.  At that time, Myanmar conveyed over 740 tonnes of rice worth $0.277 million to neighbouring country China.
The volume of rice exports via maritime trade and the border channel totalled nearly 13,000 tonnes with an estimated value of $5.255 million.
Meanwhile, Myanmar delivered about 7,400 tonnes of broken rice worth $2.661 million to China (6,550 tonnes) and Belgium (750 tonnes) through seaborne trade in the week ending 16 September, while over 5,150 tonnes of broken rice worth $1.795 million were sent to China. The overall broken rice export earned $4.456 million with over 12,550 tonnes.
In the second week of September, the exports of rice and broken rice accumulated $9.711 million from 25,550 tonnes. The export volume is up by over 12,000 tonnes and export earnings rose by $4.836 million compared to those recorded in the previous week. — TWA/GNLM

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