Muse, Tachilek, Chinshwehaw border trade generate $13.386 mln in 2 weeks of Sept

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Freight lorries are pictured queuing at the Tachilek border.

The value of border trade via Muse, Tachilek and Chinshwehaw cross-border posts amounted to US$13.386 million in the second and third weeks of September, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Commerce.
Between 10 and 16 September, trade at Muse 105th mile trade zone with China was estimated at $7.073 million, comprising exports worth $5.703 million and imports worth $1.370 million. The export value was up by $0.398 million and import was down by $6.027 compared to those of the previous week. The figures indicated a drop of $5.629 million in Muse border trade in the week ending 16 September.
Myanmar exported eels, broken rice, crab, cotton, areca nut, rice, ginger and herbs, while farm machinery and equipment, plastic raw materials, electrical devices, steel and related goods, machines, industrial raw materials, motorcycle parts and chemicals were imported during that week.
Similarly, Myanmar pocked $1.526 million in cross-border trade via Tachilek with Thailand that week, with exports valued at $0.375 million and imports worth $1.151 million. The trade value was down by $0.656 million compared to the past week, showing a decrease of $0.462 million in exports and $0.194 million in imports.
Exports of rubber latex and Amomi Fructus dropped at the Tachilek border post. Imports of cement, agricultural trailers and chemicals through the Tachilek border post climbed up, yet imports of tractors, building materials, petroleum products, plastic raw materials and other industrial goods declined.
Moreover, the cross-border trade via Chinshwehaw with China was estimated at $4.787 million between 10 and 16 September, showing an increase of $2.3 million compared with the previous week.
Myanmar’s exports of fresh and dried konjac, broken rice, rubber, Sorghum, dried tea leaf and areca nut husk increased compared to the year-ago period. Imports of capital goods and consumer goods dropped but intermediate goods imports went up that week. — TWA/GNLM

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