Myanmar registers trade worth US$136.163 mln at Myawady, Tachilek in Oct

Myanmar carried out trade worth US$136.163 million with the neighbouring country Thailand via Myawady and Tachilek borders in October, according to the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics.
The value of cross-border trade at Myanmar’s Myawady border amounted to $162.271 million in October, comprising exports worth $40.701 million and imports valued at $121.57 million.
Myanmar conducted trade valued at $9.892 million via the Tachilek border, including $1.166 million in exports and $8.726 million in imports.
Myawady border post witnessed a decrease of $41.622 million in trade compared to the corresponding period last year, with export value decreasing by $45.052 million and import value increasing by $3.430 million.
At the Tachilek border, an increase of $1.908 million in trade was recorded against the year-ago period. The value of exports was up by $0.579 million and the import value was up by $2.487 million.
The Myawady trade zone saw a decrease in exports of agricultural products, minerals, livestock, fisheries, finished products and other goods, whereas imports of capital goods and consumer goods increased more than those of the same period last year.
Myanmar exported broken rice, black gram, green gram, peanut, white sesame, turmeric, dried and fresh konjac, onion, rubber, chilli pepper, fish, shrimp, crab, squid, eel and other fishery products, minerals and finished textile clothes to Thailand via the Myawady border, whereas capital goods, intermediate goods and consumer goods were imported. The trade performance at the Myawady border registered at 129.413 per cent in October.
Despite an increase in export values of fishery products ($0.909 million), mineral products (0.064 million), and other goods ($0.003 million), Myanmar recorded a drop in exports of agricultural products ($1.55 million) and manufacturing goods ($0.006 million) at the Tachilek border. Although the country had a decline in imports of consumer goods ($0.592 million) at the Tachilek border, the value of exports climbed in capital goods ($1.857 million) and intermediate goods ($1.222 million).
The trade value via two posts was down by $0.636 million in exports and up by $3.001 million in imports compared to those of September 2022. The figures indicated a decrease of $2.365 million in trade.
Exports of Agricultural products ($0.637 million), forest products ($0.054 million), minerals ($0.045 million) and other goods ($0.009 million) plummeted, whereas the import values of capital goods ($1.032 million) and intermediate goods ($1.988 million) rose in October against September’s. — TWA/GNLM

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