Myanmar ships $5 mln worth of exports in Q4 2022

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Trucks are seen inside the Maungtaw border trade zone.

The value of Myanmar’s export through Myanmar-Bangladesh border posts in Q4 (October-December) 2022 is estimated at US$5.58 million, according to statistics provided by the Rakhine State Chamber of Commerce.
The cross-border trade with Bangladesh is conducted through Sittway and Maungtaw border posts. Trade value via Sittway totalled $4.08 million whereas Maungtaw trade witnessed a trade value of $1.4 million. Meanwhile, the import was less than a million (0.12 million). Myanmar primarily shipped fishery products (freshwater rohu, hilsa and anchovy), agricultural produce and consumer goods.
Additionally, from January 2023, Myanmar has directly sent 2,500 tonnes of Aemahta rice to Bangladesh via Sittway Port, Rakhine State Chamber of Commerce stated. — TWA/EMM

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