Myanmar trade value tops $1,200 mln for October-March this FY

Myanmar average export value for March 2020-2021 financial year reached US$565.33 million, and border export value touched $637.84 million, with total export value coming at $1,203.17 million as a result.
Meanwhile, the normal import value for the same period registered at $963.86 million, and border import is pegged at $159.10 million, reaching a total of $1,122.96 million.
As a result, Myanmar total trade value for March 2020-2021FY hit $2,326.13 million, creating a trade surplus of $80.21 million.
From October to March of the current 2020-2021FY, Myanmar’s normal export value generated $3,995.57 million and border export reached $3,828.69 million, totalling $7,824.26 million.
The average import value for the same period reached $6,292.21 million, and border import registered at $1,492.93 million, bringing the total to $7,785.14 million.
Consequently, Myanmar’s total trade value for the first and second quarter of the 2020-2021FY is pegged at $15,609.40 million, generating a trade surplus of $39.12 million, according to the monthly trade report of the Central Statistical Organization. – MNA

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