Myanmar’s maritime export volumes via Yangon port increase

Starting this month, the monsoon season has ended and the open season has begun, the international trade and goods flow by sea route through Yangon port returned to normal and export volumes are increasing.
A total of 23 ships – two container ships, 15 general cargo ships, five tankers and one ship carrying palm oil-docked at Yangon Port yesterday. The country mainly imports various fertilizers, garments and textiles, medicines and medical supplies, foodstuffs, electronic devices, machinery, construction materials and Polypropylene and exports marine products, finished clothing, crops, forest products and rubber using container ships. This month, over 55 per cent of estimated cargo ships get into the port to date.
In exporting rice and crops, large volumes of products are loaded on the hired general cargo ships in addition to container ships. Nowadays, the country exports the products in 15 general cargo ships including three rice ships and four maize ships to Southeast Asia and European countries.
Moreover, the vessels carrying fertilizers, cement, heavy machinery, fuel oil and cooking oil also dock at Thilawa and Yangon ports.
Especially in the open season, it supports maritime trade and improves the better river transport the country can also handle large numbers of huge vessels and export large volumes of Myanmar’s products to international markets. — Dr Arkar (MPA)/GNLM

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