Myanmar imports approximately 100,000 tonnes of cement

The cement bags are systematically stacked inside a factory in China.

Myanmar brought in about 100,000 tonnes of cement from foreign countries in September.
The country imported over 80,000 tonnes of cement worth $51.839 million in September by sea, comprising about 38,000 tonnes from China, over 15,000 from Brunei, about 8,500 from Indonesia, about 4,500 each from the UAE and Thailand, about 2,500 from the Republic of Korea, over 3,800 from Viet Nam, from 1,000 from China (Taipei), about 100 from Israel, about 250 from Germany, 150 from the Netherlands, 60 from Malaysia and 20 from India. The majority of the cement imports is from China. The seaborne import of cement saw a decrease of 4,000 tonnes compared to August’s import volume.
Meanwhile, the country imported over 18,500 tonnes of cement worth $10.230 million from the neighbouring countries through the cross-border trade posts in September, with over 9,700 tonnes from Thailand, 2,200 from India and about 6,500 from China. The cross-border import indicated an increase of 4,200 tonnes against that of August. —TWA/GNLM

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