Myawady-Mae Sot border requires UID certificate for entry/exit

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The Myawady-Mae Sot Friendship Bridge I officially openned on 27 April 2024.

The Township Immigration Department has announced that beginning 1 May, entry and exit at the Myawady-Mae Sot border will exclusively require a UID card.
This measure aims to monitor the number of individuals crossing the border precisely and to regulate the movement of people using counterfeit or outdated identification.
The plan to mandate the use of UID cards for border crossings applies not only to Thailand but also to crossings from China and India.
A UID card is a document that electronically collects and records the personal and biological information of individuals over the age of 10. It is a national identification certificate with a 10-digit number administered by the respective Department of Immigration and Population. — TWA/MKKS

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