Mango export begins to China on trial, a 16-kilo basket prices 140 Yuan

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Mangoes which are exported to China on trial.

Mango export has been started to China on trial in order to explore their market and currently, a 16-kilo basket receives 140 Yuan, according to a fruit wholesale trading centre which exports Mango.

At present, they have already exported about 30 tonnes of locally-grown mango to China on trial and under current market price, a 16-kilo basket is between 100 Yuan and 140 Yuan, said an official from the fruit wholesale trading centre.

“We have tested mango export to China. The price is between 100 Yuan and 140 Yuan for a 16-kilo basket which contains about 50 mangoes. It is a normal price. The problem is the journey takes long so there is a long-term risk if fruits are no longer fresh. Price can’t be good if fruits get ripe,” he said.

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Mangoes which are exported to China on trial.

At present, mango export to China has been made through Mongla and the journey takes about 4 days, therefore potential exporters have watched the market while taking expenditure, temperature and length of journey into consideration, because the price will be good only if fruits are qualified.

Myanmar mangoes are exported to overseas markets every year as of April and about 200-300 tonnes were exported to China market over previous years, however just a few tonnes were able to export this year due to some reasons such as lengthy journey and rising transportation charges.

“We are unable to export 200-300 tonnes a day this year like we did in previous years, but export is made in small amounts. The market is not bad,” he said.

Mango farmers wish their mangoes enjoying good price because the production cost is getting higher including rising fertilizer prices, bagging and labour charges.

Transportation charges have skyrocketed for export to foreign countries and border-crossing export is lengthy, that is why it seems mango will have to rely more on domestic market but needs to wait and see about exporters, said an official from Myanmar Mango Producers and Exporters Association.


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