New Year greetings extended by State Administration Council Member U Wunna Maung Lwin

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I would like to express my gratitude to all national people, including members of the Sangha, for grasping a great chance to extend my greetings on the occasion of transition from the 1385 Myanmar Era to 1386 ME.
The New Year is an excellent occasion for Buddhist Myanmar people in accordance with Myanmar’s history and traditions.
New Year’s Thingyan festival is a tradition of Myanmar to cleanse misdeeds and malpractices committed in the old year with clean water to usher in the New Year. They all wash their souls for wrongly doing misdeeds over parents and teachers involved in the Five Great Benefactors in the Universe. Moreover, it is a significant occasion for all humans to pay respect to each other for forgetting wrongdoings and misdeeds.
On occasion, with fine traditions to welcome the New Year, the Thingyan festival aims to forge optimistic morality and behaviours with goodwill and attitudes in the New Year.
As such, all national races, members of the Sangha and people residing in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar usher in the New Year following the traditions described above.
Thus, individuals of Myanmar need to take lessons from past behaviours and thoughts in the old year, review them, and strive to do better things in the coming year. They all have to review how to repair weak points, requirements, and mistakes from the previous year and how they meet the goals of repairing these necessities. Otherwise, they have to adopt pledges to meet the objectives in the upcoming New Year.
All Myanmar people have to review themselves individually, as well as their families and organizations, in order to achieve more significant progress in the coming year. Now is the time for them to analyze and adapt their work processes and pour out greater efforts to meet the goals of their country as well as their goals. It is essential that they carry out all their undertakings with the utmost capabilities to meet the goal in the coming year, starting with the Myanmar New Year Day. They have to pledge that the endeavours of all citizens must be purposed not only for their individuals and their families but for the whole country to have development through successful implementation of the adopted objectives.
All citizens and individuals must strive for the implementation of national objectives, political aims, the five-point roadmap and nine objectives adopted by the State Administration Council in full swing.
Everybody needs to revitalize collaborative efforts on the occasion of the New Year celebration in order to conscientiously serve their duties, as Myanmar has firmly adopted necessary work procedures and visions for building a modern and developed nation. So, May all have to adopt assessments, reviews, and visions for the development of the nation, serve the interests of the religions at full capacity, and build the nation to become a prestigious country that stands tall in the international community as expected.
Thank you.

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