New Year wishes from Dr Bhaddanta Saddhamma Kittisara (Aung San Sayadaw)

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I extend my heartfelt wishes and compassion to all global citizens and Myanmar people so they can enjoy physical and mental well-being.
May all living beings have sound sleep and auspiciously wake up in the morning.
May they all be capable of eliminating all devils.
May they all exercise thirty varieties of acquired virtues.
On the occasion of changing New Year 1386 ME from the old year 1385 ME, I wish all Myanmar citizens and global inhabitants enjoy sound sleep and awaken to auspiciousness each morning, having good dreams.
The mind of individuals naturally leads to good deeds as well as malpractices. So, they have a chance to enjoy good and bad opportunities. I wish for all to find the strength to combat all malevolent activities. If they commit malpractices on the wrong mental, physical and oral basis, they will face plights and frats. The Lord Buddha preached seven varieties of virtuous persons.
I would like to urge all to do good deeds and meritorious deeds to enjoy good reflections. They all have to avoid ten varieties of evil moves but emphasize seven varieties of virtuous persons. They all have to take precepts to appreciate good deeds.
Individuals need to be ashamed of committing activities that lead to the nether worlds. As such, they all have to taste good deeds by discarding malpractices on the New Year occasion of 1386 ME changed from the old Year 1385 ME.
I disperse my best wishes to all living beings in Myanmar to forge compassion among all national brethren, contribute to the interests of all, and protect each other’s good activities. I express heartfelt wishes for ensuring the solidarity of Myanmar with peace and prosperity, flourishing Theravada Buddhism and enabling all Myanmar people and global inhabitants to savour the sweetness of Enlightenment.

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