Newly installed system protects YBS drivers against untoward incidents

A system will be installed that will allow the driver to notify the YBO control centre if any unusual events occur on the YBS line, according to the Yangon Region Public Transport Committee.
“It is a telematics system in which the driver himself presses the SOS button and informs the YBO control centre. In the situation of driving without a conductor, if something happens to the vehicle, it is difficult to get help in time without knowing who to call. Just press the button like this and if the control centre knows, it’s fine,” a YBS driver Ko Zarni Aung told the GNLM.
If notification is received from the driver, the police will be notified through the YBO control centre, and it will be a system that can be quickly controlled.
The telematics system SOS button has now been installed in some YBS buses, and YRTC is working to install it in all remaining YBS buses.
In addition, YRTC has instructed some YBS vehicles without CCTV to install CCTV and repair damaged CCTV as soon as possible. —TWA/KZW

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