Ngwehsaung Beach welcomes over 7,000 domestic and foreign visitors during December holidays

During the December holidays, a total of 7,305 domestic travellers and foreign tourists flocked to Ngwehsaung Beach in Pathein District. The beach saw the operation of 27 hotels and six guesthouses, catering to 6,938 domestic travellers and 367 foreign tourists.
The influx included employees from local travel companies and individuals with their families, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the beach. Ngwehsaung Beach, known for its long coastline, clear sea water, and good hotel services, continues to be a popular destination for tourists.
The surge in tourist numbers resulted in a bustling town with people exploring gift shops, relaxing on the beach, engaging in activities like swimming and walking, and venturing to famous islands such as Snake Island, Turtle Island, Bird Island, Lovers Island, and Moe Makha Elephant Camp. — TWA/TKO

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