Niger seed sees good transactions in Mandalay market

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The photo captures a panoramic view of a flourishing Niger seed plantation.

The Niger seed in Mandalay market fetches good prices, and the transactions are in good condition, according to Mandalay bean merchants.
India is the largest purchaser of the Niger seed, whereas China is the second largest. Currently, 45 visses (three baskets) are priced at K220,000, and the production rate is fine during the fine weather.
“There are local and foreign demands. Some grind the seed and use it as cooking oil in snack manufacturing businesses. In foreign countries, they produce cooking oil for consumption and cosmetic and medicine production. Therefore, Shan farmers expanded their plantations as their staple crops to earn income. The price is higher than last year,” said U Soe Win Myint, owner of Soe Win Myint wholesale centre in Mandalay.
The Niger seed can be planted as a winter crop just in one season per year. It earns foreign income and grows well only in hilly regions. They are mainly grown in northern Shan State, hilly areas, Kayah State, Kachin State and the upper part of Sagaing Region. In December, the yellow Niger seed plantations can be seen in northern and southern parts of Shan State as a picturesque painting with the Shan hills. — Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-Printing House)/KTZH

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