No payment for detainee’s release; it’s just rumour

Groups working in various ways to oppose the government are taking the youths to the streets and confronting the security forces and creating unrest in the country, according to a statement from the Myanmar Police Force.

Security forces in respective areas are focusing on minimizing civilian casualties and dispersing the crowds. Some protesters and vehicles that blocked the roads during the riots were detained and the detainees were subjected to background check and interrogated to identify whether he or she is the leader of the protests without being tortured in accordance with the procedures.

Based on the findings of the interrogation, only those leaders who were working against the government and undermining the rule of law are being prosecuted. Most young people who are still studying and outsourcing employees are being released after signing the necessary confessions in order to protect their future and lives.

Although the government is doing so with compassion from all sides, some media are spreading rumours about how much each released person has to pay or how much to pay for a motorcycle or car.

In all cases of releasing the detainees, the news that money was paid was a rumuor spread by the anti-government group, and that the media should stand up for the code of ethics and refrain from publishing one-sided misinformation.—MNA

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