Kids also succumb to heat stroke, not just older people

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Shwegon Yeikmon social relief association sent a heat stoke patient to the hospital.

This summer, not only adults but also children also died from heat stroke, according to a social relief association.
All ages suffer from heat stroke, and older people tend to suffer. Still, recently, even children with high fever and low oxygen levels suffocated and died, according to the Shwegon Yeikmon social relief association.
“Not only older people, but children also suffer heat stroke recently. It happens mostly in cities with extremely high temperatures. Children had high fevers, fit, low oxygen levels, suffocation and blue discolouration of the skin. It is because of weak immunity. In some cases, parents thought the child was sleeping but were found dead in the morning. It isn’t very pleasant. The main cause is heat-related. We need to be aware of it in time,” said the association’s official.
Similarly, there are cases where people suffer heat stroke at home and suffocate due to extreme heat as they don’t get enough air.
“According to our association’s doctor, when it comes to having a heat stroke, go near the window and take a breath deeply, drink two bottles of oral rehydration solution, put a wet cloth on your forehead, take a bath if the body temperature didn’t fall, and take sweet,” he said.
Not only those who are outside in the sunlight but also those who are working in shady areas can suffer heat stroke. That is why it is best to go to the clinic or hospital as soon as possible if it is in an emergency state, and the patient may die if medical treatment is not provided. — MT/ZS/ED

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