Nurture children provided with child literature


The best way to save the children from the mobile phone trap is to initiate them to raise their reading habits. But it is necessary to create the environs for children to happily join the reading practice.
In this regard, child literature is the most appropriate for those children to taste the reading. The child literature comprises two kinds of presentation for only text and the next one is combined with pictures and text which are attractive to the children.
To raise the reading habit of children, it is necessary to improve the child literature genre in the literary arena. Writers need to create works that must be more appropriate for the reader children. The works must support immature critical thinking to be mature. Stories, myths, performances of heroes and experiences in childhood can catch the interest of children.
Currently, various kinds of cartoons, series of stories, journals and publications representing the life of children come out in the literary arena. Moreover, the poems portraying the lives of children are suitable for reader children. All these works must have a single vision for children as “doing good deeds in life and doing righteousness along with their lifespans” and “doing misdeeds shall face same consequences”.
Parents and guardians need to provide good child literature for the children to easily read them. Schools need to establish libraries for lending books to schoolchildren to seek knowledge from literature at their level as much as possible.
Authors should create better and better stories for children. They have to create good stories luring the children to the creative worlds based on the literature. Knowledge in the appropriate content must be disseminated to the children. Depending on their absorbing capacity, the children themselves will widen their scopes for searching the knowledge from the literary arena.
As literature can nurture children to become good and able citizens since their childhood, the improvement of child literature is crucial for all participants in the literary arena because all the people have new generations in their families. Holding up the compassion, they have to create excellent children literature for reader children.
The child will be an adult in the future. Their immature critical thinking must be trained to become mature. It is because they shall polish the future of the nation to be brighter and brighter.

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