Online coordination meeting between China (Yunnan) and Myanmar on border trade flows held

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The online coordination meeting between China (Yunnan) and Myanmar on border trade flow in progress.

An online meeting on border trade between China (Yunnan Province) and Myanmar was held yesterday at the Ministry of Commerce meeting room.
The meeting focused on bilateral trade and COVID-19 defence, smoothing the border trade with immigration, and economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.
Permanent Secretary U Min Min from the Ministry of Commerce, Yunnan Province People’s Government Foreign Affairs Office Director-General Ms Yang Mu, Chinese Ambassador to Myanmar Mr Chen Hai, Consuls from the Consul-General of the People’s Republic of China (Mandalay) and the Consul-General of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Kunming) delivered the opening speeches.
Next, officials discussed Myanmar exporting rotten fruits and vegetables to China as soon as possible, reducing the high price of Chinese minivans at the border and ensuring the convenient entry of trucks for trade through the Chinshwehaw border trade post. They also discussed the BP-125 temporary border checkpoint to be opened and the issue of exporting Myanmar sugarcane through the Chinshwehaw border post, changes in trade policy between the two countries through real-time information exchange through contact persons and cooperation in customs clearance.
The two sides cordially discussed issues related to cooperation with GACC in the SPS process for pest control.
Representatives of the relevant provincial governments in Yunnan Province, representatives from the Kachin State Government and the Shan State Government, officials from the Department of Trade, Customs Department, Department of Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department and the Department of Fisheries attended the meeting.
The virtual meeting on border trade between China (Yunnan) and Myanmar focused on long-term friendly relations between the two countries, with practical sectoral cooperation between the two countries amidst the COVID-19 epidemic. —MNA

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