Only when all officers and the rank and file of mechanical engineering, navigation, radar and meteorological sectors work in concert will they successfully perform all military operations, Senior General stresses

Only when all officers and the rank and file of mechanical engineering, navigation, radar and meteorological sectors work in concert will they successfully perform all military operations, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the ceremony to commission airplanes and helicopters of the Tatmadaw (Air) into service at the Flying Training Base in Meiktila Station at the ceremony to mark the 74th Anniversary of the Tatmadaw (Air) yesterday morning with the aim of enhancing the aviation capability of the State and the Tatmadaw.
Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Maung Maung Kyaw extended greetings to the commissioning of airplanes and helicopters.
Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General said it is necessary to build the Tatmadaw to be strong, capable and modern armed forces to be able to safeguard the ground, waters and airspace territories of the country in addition to the national interests.
Modern wars prove that aviation and aerospace power can be applied to attack any targets in the world at any time and anywhere. As such, it is necessary to make more efforts for controlling the land, airspace and seas as well as aerospace.
As the multipurpose fighter planes were upgraded and more fighters, transport planes and helicopters and fighter helicopters were added to the Tatmadaw (Air), its capacity could be upgraded to control Myanmar’s aerospace territory. Hence, upgrading and research must be done for having second and third-generation aircraft.
The Tatmadaw (Air) was facilitated with necessary aid such as navigation devices and radars for military operations so as to safeguard Myanmar’s air space. Only when all officers and the rank and file of mechanical engineering, navigation, radar and meteorological sectors work in concert will they successfully perform all military operations. Unity is strength in military affairs.
NUG, CRPH and PDF terrorists blow up schools and government buildings, harm innocent people and service personnel and spread fake news to discredit the Tatmadaw and wedge the Tatmadaw and the people through social media networks and alien media.

The rank and file and families need to observe actual political conditions of Myanmar and take special care of security for military information and documents, military equipment, military personnel, and warfare and training.
The Senior General expressed his praise for the Tatmadaw (Air) in the transport of COVID-19 vaccines, drugs and other materials to regions and states as well as remote ethnic areas in real-time. Servicemen need to take training for controlling their capability, health and fitness.
The Senior General stressed the need for all Tatmadaw members to emphasize the military unity and organizational measures and try hard to be ready to fight through constant training and military awareness. He urged new generations to maintain the fine traditions of the Tatmadaw for ensuring the perpetual existence of Myanmar.
Commander of Flying Training Base Maj-Gen Soe Aung declared the commissioning of aircraft.

General Maung Maung Kyaw presented gifts to the Senior General.
At the ceremony, aircraft of the Tatmadaw (Air) including MTX-1A training plane, light helicopters, fighter helicopters, transport helicopters and transport airplanes saluted the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services with flying demonstrations in composite trail formation, Composite Arrow Head Formation, “8” shape of Lazy Eight Manoeuvre, Arrow Head Formation, the opening of Landing Light, and Composite Arrow Formation.
Moreover, training jets, jet fighters and multipurpose fighters performed skill demonstrations in the sky. The Senior General then released 74 birds and sprinkled scented water on the commissioned aircraft. The Senior General also greeted the pilots who participated in the skill demonstration and presented cash awards.
Yak-130 and K-8 airplanes are types of training jets and light fighters. They can be used in air to air warfare, air to surface warfare, close aviation supporting fire, interception fighting, armed reconnaissance, and training of transfer. ATR-72 600 airplane is a medium-transport airplane to transport very important persons, passengers and cargo and perform search and rescue works. Y-12 airplane can be used to transport passengers and cargo, for parachuting, maritime reconnaissance, and search and rescue. Eurocopter helicopter, the medium-transport helicopter, can transport VIPs, and passengers and can be used for search and rescue. The commissioning the aircraft to the Tatmadaw (Air) in its 74th Anniversary celebration is sure to greatly benefit the State and the Tatmadaw. — MNA

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