Only when local people exert to do their businesses will they undertake regional development: Vice-Senior General

Those entrepreneurs have to pay back the loans during the set period dutifully, said Vice-Chairman of the State Administration Council Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win at the meeting with MSME businesspersons, departmental officials and local people in Pindaya of Danu Self-Administered Zone, Shan State (South) yesterday morning.
Chairman of Danu Self-Administered Zone Administration Body U Arkar Lin and Chief Minister of Shan State U Aung Zaw Aye reported on regional matters of the zone and the progress of MSME businesses and their development measures.
Local businesspersons also presented reports on the manufacturing of value-added products using domestic foodstuffs and difficulties in the work process. Deputy ministers discussed the distribution of quality seeds of crops, seeking loans for businesses, formation of cooperative societies, training courses on vocational techniques to operate MSMEs and encouragement of local authorities to MSME businesses.
The Vice-Senior General coordinated measures on reports of businesspersons and attended to the needs.
In his address, the Vice-Senior General said that the development of the economy depends on peace and stability as well as rule of law in respective regions. So, local people need to restore peace and stability in cooperation with relevant security forces. Only when local people try hard to do their businesses will they undertake regional development.
The Vice-Senior General continued to say that MSMEs have to use domestic materials to produce value-added products. It needs techniques, capital, inputs and human resources. Human resource is the most crucial in all businesses.
The Prime Minister adopted the policy that all Tatmadaw members at different levels must pass at least primary level education and then middle school level education. If so, they will have the capacity to handle modern military equipment and arms. So, the KG+9 education scheme is being implemented for all school-age children. Only if they have completed the KG+9 scheme will they have the capacity to join higher education as well as vocational training.
The government had disbursed more than K6 billion to 2,822 persons in the Danu Self-Administered Zone. The Prime Minister also disbursed K5 billion to local ethnic entrepreneurs. Those entrepreneurs have to pay back the loans during the set period dutifully. If not, businesspersons will plunge into debt.
The Vice-Senior General highlighted that inputs comprise fertilizers, water, fuel and electricity. The development of businesses in growing paddy depends on the production of quality strains of paddy seeds, using modern agricultural technology and quality milling of paddy.
Relevant ministries mention their websites for conducting vocational and skill courses. Danu region has to produce quality rice. Depending on quality, rice can fetch double or triple prices. As the Danu region is attractive to foreign tourists, it is necessary to register traditional products for systematic production. Not only the government but local people and relevant departments need to strive for the development of the Danu Self-Administered Zone.
The Vice-Senior General viewed domestic products, foodstuffs, personal goods, industrial products and traditional goods.
While in Pindaya, the Vice-Senior General paid homage to the Buddha images at ShweUmin natural cave pagoda and made cash donations. Then, he visited Cetigyi Monastery in Pindaya and donated alms to Dr Bhaddanta Khemañana and members of the Sangha and sought words of advice.
The monastery admits 16 lecturer Sayadaws and some 100 student novices. — MNA

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