Over 200,000 visses of regional onion arrive at Yangon market

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The picture shows bags of onions that will be delivered to commodity depots.

The arrival of 210,000 visses of onion from various regions at the Yangon market on 18 January 2023 brought down the price of onions.
On that day, Myingyan onion was priced at the wholesale rate of K1,600-K1,800 per viss and Myittha onion at K2,000-K2,200 per viss, according to the market data.
The price of Myingyan and Myittha onion were K1,900-K2,400 per viss and K2,350-K2,650 per viss respectively on 9 January and declined to K1,700-K1,900 per viss and K1,800-K2,000 per viss on 13 January.
Within 14 opening days of the commodity depot until 18 January 2023, the Yangon market received the supply of 2.5 million visses of onion from various regions. Likewise, a total of 492,000 visses of old summer onion and new monsoon onion entered the market between 1 and 5 December 2022.
It is reported that the old summer onion has not entered the Yangon market since 6 December 2022. From that date to the end of the month, within 22 opening days of the commodity depot, 3,510,000 visses of new monsoon onion poured in from all over the country, according to the daily onion arrivals listed in the daily commodity prices. From 6 December 2022 to 18 January 2023, around six million visses of monsoon onion entered the Yangon market.
A viss of onion from the Yaw region cost only K1,650 at the highest in the Pakokku market on 18 January. Similarly, over 80,000 visses of onion entered the Myingyan market on 17 January with the highest price K1,850 per viss.
The market price of Myittha onion in the Mandalay market was K2,200 per viss at its highest on 18 January. Three types of Myittha onion except for the large size to be exported to Viet Nam were sold out at K1,900, K2,100 and K2,200 per viss respectively in the Kyaukse market on 17 January. — TWA/CT

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