Over 63,000-tonne rice exported to external markets including European countries via sea route

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The photo shows bags of export rice being loaded onto the vessel.

Myanmar sent 63,930 tonnes of rice and broken rice to the international markets including European Union countries in the second week of October by sea, with an estimated value of US$24.422 million, according to the Ministry of Commerce. Between 8 and 14 October, Myanmar exported over 26,090 tonnes of rice to European countries and over 9,410 tonnes to Asian countries.
The country delivered over 11,730 tonnes to Spain, 10,500 to Italy, 2,500 to Belgium, nearly 579 to Poland, over 380 to Slovenia, 250 to the UK and over 150 to Croatia in Europe. And it sent over 4,920 tonnes to the Philippines, 3,840 to China, 400 to Bangladesh and 250 to Malaysia in Asia.
More than 730 tonnes of rice worth $0.275 million were exported to China through cross-border trade routes.
Rice exports through the seaborne trade and border trade earned $14.889 million with 36,230 tonnes.
During that week ending 14 October, Myanmar’s broken rice export generated $8.411 million from 24,580 tonnes, with 2,860 tonnes to China, 26 to Singapore, 21,450 to Belgium and 250 to Poland.
Meanwhile, Myanmar sent over 3,110 tonnes of broken rice worth $1.122 million via Sino-Myanmar border posts. The volume of broken rice exported via normal trade and the border channel is estimated at 27,700 tonnes worth $9.533 million.
The rice and broken rice export that week bagged $24.422 million from 63,930 tonnes.
In the second week of October, the export volume was up by 25,000 tonnes and the figure showed an increase of $9.67 million compared to the first week of October.
In September, Myanmar also shipped over 66,000 tonnes of rice and broken rice to foreign countries including over 15,490 tonnes to European countries, the Ministry of Commerce’s statistics showed.
The earnings from rice export were estimated at $96.2 million in January 2021, $45 million in February, $42.4 million in March, $47.5 million in April, $72.8 million in May, $74.7 million in June, $18 million in July, $18.8 million in August, $38.2 million in September, $56.2 million in October, $72.2 million in November and $105.1 million in December, totalling $687.2 million. – TWA/GNLM

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